Gum Disease

Over 47.2% Americans suffer from some form of periodontal gum disease. Gum disease might mean a number of unsavory oral conditions, ranging from gum inflammation or gingivitis to more advanced diseases that can cause serious damage to your teeth’s bone and soft tissue.

In a worst-case scenario, you might lose your teeth as a result of gum disease. How you manage or put a stop to gum diseases entirely depends on your oral hygiene levels and regular dental visits to ensure your gums and teeth are healthy.

Why You Shouldn’t Take Gum Disease Lightly

Most people tend to take their oral well being very lightly and this can have a very negative effect even on your overall wellbeing and health. For instance, diabetes and an elevated risk of heart diseases are often linked to poor oral hygiene.

If you notice or suspect that you have gum disease, you need to immediately seek help of a professional dentist in Birmingham, AL.

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Gum Disease Symptoms

Unless you go for regular dental checkups in Birmingham, AL, you won’t know if you have gum disease until it reaches the advanced stages, at which point, you may be dealing with a lot more than just pain and discomfort.

Warning signs of gum disease include bleeding gums when you eat, brush or floss because they become tender and swollen. Also, you might notice that your gums have started to recede, making your teeth look longer. If there’s pus between your teeth and gums or sores in your mouth, you may very well be dealing with gum disease.

What To Do Until Your Next Dental Visit

The only way to cure and prevent gum disease is by seeking professional dental treatment. However, until the time comes for your next dental visit, there are steps you can take to try and curb the adverse effects gum disease has on oral health.
Start by brushing and flossing twice a day. Plaque buildup is a major factor that contributes to gum disease; therefore, thoroughly rinse your mouth with a gingivitis-specific mouthwash after brushing. Also ask your general physician to prescribe an antimicrobial mouth rinse.

Most important of all, avoid sugar-high foods/drinks as well as caffeinated beverages, as they not only erode the tooth’s natural defenses but also aggravate gum disease symptoms.

Prevention is always better than cure, which especially rings true when it comes to gum disease. A dental exam and cleaning treatment costs about $90, while an addition $40 is required to apply sealant to the affected tooth or any X-rays that may be required, in which case, it is just under $20. Remember that gum disease may become incurable if no proper treatment is taken at the right time.

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