A dental sealant is a thin and clear plastic coating applied over chewing surfaces of your molar and premolar teeth that have partially turned black as a result of tooth decay. These back teeth have grooves and depressions on their chewing surfaces which can get infected by disease and plaque.

Decay mostly occurs in and around the pits and fissures of your back teeth because they are hard to clean using a regular toothbrush; the bristles simply cannot reach the whole surface area effectively to make for thorough cleaning. A dental sealant is used to form a thin layer over the decaying tooth in order to keep out plaque as well as food debris, so as to significantly cut down the risk of further tooth decay.

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Why You Need Sealants

Sealants protect your teeth from decay for several years at a stretch. However, a proper dental sealant procedure in Birmingham, AL would require regular check-ups for wear and tear.

Here’s why you may need dental sealants at some point:

As soon as children grow their six-year molars, the first set of permanent back teeth, they are prone to cavities. This usually occurs between the 6 to 16 age bracket, and the risk increases even more since children, as well as teenagers, are often careless when it comes to proper brushing or eating habits.
Many adults have deep grooves in their back teeth, which are far more prone to decay, despite regular brushing and good oral hygiene habits overall.
Some babies are genetically cavity-prone and those with deep grooves in their back teeth will require sealant to keep decay at bay.

How the Procedure Works

Sealants are easily applied by your dentist or dental hygienist and the process takes only a couple of minutes per tooth.

The teeth to be sealed are thoroughly cleaned and then surrounded with cotton to keep the area dry. A special solution is applied to the enamel surface to help the sealant properly bonded with the teeth, which are then rinsed and dried. The sealant material is carefully painted onto the enamel surface to cover the deep grooves or depressions. Depending on the type of sealant used, the material will either harden automatically or with a special curing light.

The cost of dental sealants vary from case to case and is usually in the range of $45 per tooth. However, it’s a decision you should take since sealants can save you from many potential oral complications down the line.

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