Because dentures are used when a person is missing most or all of their natural teeth, it’s important to have a reliable solution that looks natural and offers outstanding performance.

Dentures in Birmingham, AL

Dentures are prosthetic teeth secured to a gum-colored base that can be secured with or without dental implants. It’s best to visit us to discuss all available options and determine the best solution for your needs. Dentures are a great option for people missing most or all of their natural teeth, whether due to an injury or declining oral health. Dentures make it easy for people to enjoy the benefits of healthy, natural teeth without pain or complication. They are easy to use and offer an effective solution for overcoming severe tooth loss.

Your denture journey with us begins with a consultation where you and our doctors can decide what kind of dentures will work best for your unique case. Our doctors take many things into account when deciding on your treatment plan. Before choosing a path, you will discuss your age, comfort, bone density level, and overall hygiene.

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  • How do I clean dentures?

    Here are the steps for cleaning traditional removable dentures:

    • After eating, remove your dentures and rinse them with water to remove food debris and loose particles.
    • Handle your dentures carefully and avoid bending or damaging them when cleaning.
    • After removing your dentures, brush your mouth with a soft-bristled toothbrush.
    • Brush your dentures daily and soak them in a nonabrasive cleanser to remove food, plaque, and other deposits.
    • Soak your dentures overnight in a mild denture-soaking solution to maintain moisture and shape.
    • Schedule regular dental checkups to ensure proper fit, prevent discomfort, and maintain oral health.

    Also, remember to avoid using abrasive cleaning materials, whitening toothpaste, products containing bleach, and hot or boiling water on your dentures, as these can damage them.

  • What are the different types of dentures?

    Two types of dentures are available: traditional dentures, which can be easily removed and cleaned daily, and fixed dentures, which are permanently secured using dental implants. Fixed dentures cannot be removed unless oral surgery is provided. With proper care, fixed dentures can last a lifetime and feel almost indistinguishable from natural teeth.

    Traditional dentures are non-surgical options that grip around the dental arch and remaining jawbone, relying on suction to stay securely in place. They are removable for easy cleaning, and the patient does not have a recovery period before they can use them.

  • What are partial dentures?

    A partial denture is a removable prosthesis that replaces a few missing teeth. It can be taken out for cleaning and sleeping and is a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing option for many patients.

  • What is the best denture adhesive or denture glue?

    The Oral Health Foundation has developed guidelines to help dental healthcare professionals and patients understand the use of denture adhesive creams. These guidelines are listed below:

    • Patient satisfaction is crucial for the success of prosthodontic treatment in full-denture wearers.
    • Denture adhesives can improve the retention of well-fitting complete dentures and reduce food accumulation beneath them.
    • Denture adhesives can benefit the patient by enhancing comfort, providing psychological satisfaction, increasing confidence, and improving retention, stability, and function.
    • However, denture adhesives cannot compensate for significant denture deficiencies.
    • Dental professionals should guide and instruct the patient on the correct application and use of the adhesive, as well as on removing it and cleaning the denture.
    • The best time to advise on using an adhesive varies between patients. Well-fitting dentures might occur at a review appointment or when patients find problems with compliance at the time of fitting or soon after.

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